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H.E. Engineering (Pvt) Ltd is the leading contractor & material supplier in the field of specialized Civil Engineering work. H.E. Engineering (Pvt) Ltd is a part of the H.E. Group, which commenced businessin 1907. H.E. Engineering commenced business in 1995.

Our Products

- Waterproofing

- Sealants & Waterstop

- Damp Proofing

- Joint Filler Boards

- External Waterproofing Coating

- Industrial Flooring

- Insulation

- Geotextile / Liners

- Grout

- Finishing Products / Plasters

- Construction Chemicals

- Protective Coating

- Concrete Repair

- Tile Adhesive / Tile Grout

Our Services

- Waterproofing

- Specialized External Coating

- Concrete Repair and Rehabilitation

- Thermal Insulation

- Industrial Flooring

- Grouting

Manufacturing in Sri Lanka

We have invested in a manufacturing facility for the manufacture of products branded and sold under our in house brand-“SHEZ”. The” SHEZ” brand includes products such as Skimcoat, Tile adhesive, Waterproofing, etc. We maintain strict quality control in our manufacturing process to ensure that our products are of a high quality standard.

Our People

Our technical staff and applicators have considerable experience and receive regular training, technical information/updates and appraisals so that the quality is maintained at a high level. Our operation staff who manage projects, are fully committed to their tasks and are technically competent.

Financial Standing

Our company enjoys excellent financial standing and is considered to be a valued customer of our bankers, Hatton National Bank and People's Bank.

Associate Companies

Our associate companies include:

Ceyacon (pvt) Ltd – Represents international manufacturers for a range of flooring products such as Laminated flooring, Timber flooring, PVC flooring, Outdoor decking, etc. We supply and install these flooring products.

H.E. Marketing – Imports and distributes a range of food products.

Our Strengths

- Well established and financially sound

- Well supported by our overseas suppliers

- Extensive product range

- Flexible in our approach to work

- Excellent track record

- In depth technical knowledge

- Price competitive

- Provide a warranty for services

- Sole Agents for manufacturers of International repute

Site Reference

We have been associated with over 2000 projects in Sri Lanka and Maldives, many being very prestigious projects. We have become the preferred specialist contractor to many main contractors. In addition to the projects undertaken by us, we also have a large customer base that regularly purchase our materials.